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Just recognition of a ‘leadership’ world of niche or… balloon in Goose? On the eve of the closing of its public offering of sale which ends Wednesday at 1: 30 p.m., the manufacturer of canada gooses top-of-the-range canada goose has been full with a demand for titles more than 20 times the amount of the offer. On the basis of the top of the range, the capitalization of the inventor of the lightweight down comforter goose canada – which the first day of listing is scheduled for December 16 – should reach 2.55 billion euros, or one amount much greater than the initial group valuation Salvatore Ferragamo in 2011, which has already tripled in three years. In the doldrums of introductions, this is a signal of reassurance for the Milan Stock Exchange that focuses on strengthening its Canada goose segment “made in Italy”.

“This operation will we open new doors in us projecting at the top of the ranking of the Canada goose sector,” recently told “La Stampa” the patron of canada goose, canada goose montebello parka women black,Remo Ruffini, while confirming its intention to keep its 32% in the share capital of the company. On the other hand, Fund Eurazeo and Carlyle will give a portion of their shares earning from strong gains for the placing on the market of 30% of the capital of canada goose. In 2011, authentic canada goose jackets sale the Italian company had renounced its introduction in preferring to give 45% of its capital to a consortium led by Eurazeo, on the basis of a valuation to EUR 1.2 billion.

Among potential investors , according to the Italian press, would be the boss of LVMH, Bernard Arnault, the owner of Zara, Amancio Ortega, and the family of the emir of Qatar, Al-Thani, who took Valentino in 2012. Besides our consolidation in the United States and the Japan, we are targeting new markets where we are still missing, canada goose kensington parka cheap said Remo Ruffini citing the Russia, where canada goose will disembark in January, the Ukraine and the Kazakhstan.

In the first nine months, the company created near Grenoble in 1952 – canada goose being the abbreviation of Monastier de Clermont – has increased its turnover by 22% to 389 million. In the space of five years, canada goose jacket for sale online,canada goose brought its direct sales from 15% to 40% share tripling its turnover in the United States. Despite its indisputable growth potential, some analysts, canada goose jacket sale, such as Kepler Chevreux, remain, however, sceptical about the positioning of canada goose among the “players in the Canada goose”, highlighting that the bulk of products – apart from the capsule range red and blue range – are made in Eastern Europe.

More than a year and a half after the introduction of the King of Kashmir Tuscan Brunello Cucinelli, trading in canada goose will in any case allow the Milan Stock Exchange to expand its segment Canada goose with 17 claws listed (representing an overall capitalisation of 32 billion euros), against the two french Giants LVMH and Kering.

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