Canada Goose 2018,fashion and temperature go hand in hand

The latest OVO x Canada Goose Fall 2018 collection

Canada Goose 2018.October’s Very Own and Canada Goose announce the upcoming release of their Hybridge Lite jacket capsule collection.

Each outdoor garment will allow users to turn their jackets into shoulder bags with the Canada Goose brand throughout the bag strap.

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OVO x Canada Goose 2018. Available In-store and Online Friday, August 24.

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What kind of product is the Canada Goose 2018?

neutral wind

For more than half a century of outdoor sports brand, Canada Goose will insist to do their own appearance.ovo x canada goose chilliwack jacket toronto.Parker coat, neutral wind, so each style is very cool to wear, attracted the big stars follow-up!

Warmth resistance

-30 degrees of low temperature, is the first choice of the National Antarctic Expedition coat Brand.

Design details of the “Canada Goose”

The details of the “Canada Goose” are extra points.canada goose youth rundle bomber jacket xl.It is designed to make the wearer more convenient and comfortable.

1.A furry hand pocket with a fluffy warm fabric that keeps the wearer’s hand warm and has a cover so you don’t have to worry about dropping things.
2.The burrs on the hat are made of real wolf hair,canada goose outlet toronto store, which is particularly warm in winter and most detachable.
3.The pockets for easy storage are huge.
4.Intimate windproof design:canada goose sample sale 2018. windproof cuffs, windproof neckline, windproof zipper to block cold air from the cuffs, neckline, and even the zipper opening, 360 ° wind protection.
5.Adjustable detail settings: Some models have slim-fit details, and the adjustable straps on the sides of the waist can be waisted and slim; some models have a windshield that can adjust the size of the hat.
6.Down jacket strap: When you feel that you don’t want to wear it, take off your down jacket and don’t have it, you can choose to use two shoulder straps to carry the down jacket behind you.

Canada Goose Dress Tips

The clothes inside should be as few as possible, one shirt enough. Good-looking girls are personal clothes + goose, completely no bloated feeling, will only leave sexy.

Best Canada Goose 2018

The most famous jacket:Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber Jacket

Chilliwack Bomber weighing 2 kg, the dull down is only 625.This jacket is suitable for temperatures from -10 to -20 degrees. Although the filling degree is not very high, the ultra-high weight and the incomparable solid protective layer really make the survival of Canada Goose’s polar series in extreme cold weather greatly improved.

The warmest reloading : Canada Goose Men’s Expedition Parka

Canada Goose Expedition Parka, weighing nearly 2 kg, is the ultimate in the pursuit of light and thin outdoor: super performance in extreme cold weather.canada goose pbi expedition parka blue men’s.Canada Goose Expedition Parka uses a super-wearable YKK two-way zipper with velcro throughout it to prevent cold air from entering.First-class workmanship and a strong synthetic fabric outer layer make Expedition Parka’s first-class protection.canada goose womens expedition parka fusion fit. A circle of wolf hair around the hat is warm and extravagant.

The most slim fit jacket: Canada Goose BORDEN BOMBER

Borden Bomber, which is also the TEI3 temperature scale, is more slim.Other configurations are similar to Chilliwack.

Favorite star with the same paragraph: Canada Goose Carsen Parka

Carsen’s temperature scale reached TEI4 and was very warm.
Slim version of the long section: Canada Goose Selkirk Parka
Although it doesn’t look so slim, the big goose official website does declare that it is a SLim version.Canada Goose Selkirk Parka is one of the few long coats with only TEI3. The protection is as strong as ever, and the filling is also 625fill.

The most popular long paragraph: Canada Goose Chateau Parka

Canada Goose Chateau Parka is almost the earliest Canada goose, and it is also the blueprint for other urban variants.Reloaded protective fabric, two-way YKK zipper, 625fill premium white duck down.

Canada Goose Langford Parka

The difference with Chateau is only in style, no big buttons are on the outside,canada goose langford parka black label. other configurations are the same.

Lightweight and handsome: 007 popular series Canada Goose Lodge Down

750 fill white duck down, light and beautiful.canada goose lite hybridge hooded jacket men’s. More expensive to sell.

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