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The Manager of the Canada Goose breeds against sellers and online auction QXL, where cheap bad bootlegs abound.TV 2 help you have also purchased two jackets from the same traffickers, cheap canada goose jackets sale,and been documented that they are pirate copies of the Canada Goose and Fjällräven. Then we have tried to find behind the men.
We reveal in the evening’s program how some big sellers make money on selling cheap and bad copies of several well-known brands on the Net auction QXL in Norge,canada goose borden sale. TV 2 helps you have over several months followed the movements on the Web to anyone who operates under the screen name DIN_BUTIKK on QXL.

Traffickers in DIN_BUTIKK has had between 20 and 30 ads out on famous brands such as Canada Goose, Fjällräven, Peak Performance, The North Face, Mulberry, Louis Vuiton and Chanel,canada goose jackets outlet sale. Vi have bought two coats to 999 dollars per unit at QXL, one with brand Canada Goose and one with marked Fjällräven. By comparison, the suggested retail price on the original Fjällräven, 4,800 dollars. An original Canada Goose costs 6,000 dollars.

-This is definitely a copy, said Jeffrey Leopold, General Manager of the Canada Goose in Norway, canada goose rideau parka military green womens,about the pirate copy that TV 2 helps you present as the Canada Goose.

The jacket is sent from Shanghai in China with the record, at the same time as it is tagged with Christmas gift to escape customs clearance and VAT. Jeffrey Leopold mean the coat of piratjakken originated from a different animal than the Coyote, which is the original fur on a Canada Goose jacket.

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