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How to become a luxury brand?

The Canada Goose started out in a small workshop. In 1957, a raincoat craftsman from Poland, Sam Tik, hired five workers to create a Metro sportswear brand in a warehouse in Toronto to produce winter-duty coats and sweaters for Ontario Prov. police.

In the 1970 ‘s, Sam Tick’s son-in-law Davidreiss joined the company.canada goose mens jacket for sale.He invented a pile-up machine and created the Snow Goose brand, which later evolved into Canada Goose.

In 1997, David Reiss’s son, founder Samtik’s grandson Dani Reiss, joined the company. Four years later, in 2001, Dani Reiss took over the CEO’s seat.canada goose coat for sale. At the time, Canada Goose had revenues of just $3 million a year, compared with nearly $300 million in 2016. It grew nearly 100 times times in 15.

1. Build Canadian “national brand”

The Canada Goose is ambitious for its brand positioning and wants to make its down coat a national brand representing Canada, like the Swiss watch and Nordic furniture.In 2017, the brand also declared that it wants to adhere to “Made in Canada”, and the products are processed in Canada from the selection of materials to processing.

On the sleeves of his down jacket, there is a badge element designed for the Canada Goose’s custom costume for the expedition, which has a map of the Arctic and a maple leaf canada goose 2018 . This also gives consumers a sense that the Canadian goose down jacket is strong enough to withstand the cold weather approaching the Arctic Circle.

2. Frequent mirrors in film and television

Canada Goose rarely advertise, but their costumes are often seen in scenes of movies around the world, “the official jacket of a film person called the Cold region.”

3. Shaping fashion and quality image

In order to impress the fashion industry’s owner – female consumers, the canada goose continues to improve the bloated down jacket to the slim.

Canada goose are also willing to work the use of high-quality fabrics and technological means. In its lightweight down Jacket series, a new type of fabric called tri-durance is used, which brings stronger breathability and a softer texture.

Canada Goose don’t like discounts and are happy to call themselves “luxury apparel leading brands.”


Precision Process

The “Never Compromise” process defines the luxury of the Canadian goose.

Every Canadian goose product meets the stringent requirements of the Arctic, and since 1957, the precision of each cut, folding and sewing of the product has been guided by decades of experience.

Do not give up any one detail

Every Canadian goose down jacket is manufactured in 13 steps and handmade, from chain to button, pin to pin, each element is carefully selected and designed. Before leaving the factory, the QC personnel will check the details and quality of each jacket.

60 Manufacturing Experience

One of the oldest works of the Canadian goose, the Snow Mantra series was developed to meet the needs of Canadian Arctic workers, it can withstand the low temperatures of -70 °c, and later became the first choice for working in harsh environments. Every down coat of the Canadian Goose continues the character of snow mantra.

The perfect precision

There is only one way to make a Canadian goose costume: Careful, careful, and extremely attention to detail.

The whole process of hand sewing

“Made in Canada” is more than just a slogan. This is a commitment to the user, which means that every piece of clothing is designed and manufactured from the same country, ensuring the unity of quality.


  • GOOSE X Levi Strauss

And Levi Strauss in the deep cooperation in the clothing of the main existence of Canada Goose Three classic style–the Chilliwack Bomber, the Banff parka and the freestyle vest, they are incorporated in Levi ‘s the iconic elements of S include leather trims, denim openings and the famous red label.


The artist Donnald Robertson (Donald Robertson) turned the classic “Canadian Goose” (CANADA GOOSE) down jacket into wearable artwork. Create unique products with hand-painted, but they all share the signature style of @drawbertson.


Pendleton’s legendary wool blends with Canadian goose’s unparalleled warmth and is firmly rooted in the luxury tradition. Because of the pioneering spirit spanning the generations, their cooperation is a common manifestation of true values and the commitment to manufacturing “Made in Canada”, which is also the first use of red and blue colors.

Canada Goose style

Canada Goose also developed a Thermal Experience Index (TEI) Thermal Experience Index to allow people to choose the down jacket they need. There are 5 classes, each class corresponds to different temperatures, TEL1 lightweight jacket can correspond to -5 ° C – 5 ° C temperature, TEL2 represents comfortable warmth, corresponding to -15 ° C – -5 ° C temperature, TEL3 is suitable for -10 °C / -20 °C temperature, TEL4, suitable for -15 ° C / -25 ° C temperature, each clothes will have a corresponding value, can be purchased according to the desired warmth ability.

Popular style

  1. Expedition Parka.canada goose expedition parka for sale.
  2. Chilliwack Bomber Jacket.canada goose men’s chilliwack bomber jacket for sale.
  3. Lodge Down Jacket
  4. Canada Goose PBI



How to buy

canada goose fall winter 2018 for sale

  1. Physical store
  2. The website:

Canada goose is still outside the jacket, launched a series of warm products such as sweaters, hats, gloves, etc.

Chunky Wool Beanie
Chunky Wool Beanie
Leather Rib Gloves
Leather Rib Gloves
Aviator Hat
Aviator Hat

If you’re afraid of cold, or if the temperature drops 5 degrees? The canada goose prepares a thin, down jacket that is very light. Resist temperatures of 10 degrees Celsius.canada goose langford parka fusion fit . Head afraid of cold, thin wool hat is also good ~ These two pieces add up, not to a thick down jacket price.

The wool hat is too ugly, want the ordinary windproof cap, the best is quite tide? This is no, the big goose actually also has!

How can a canada goose with a warm theme not have a warm scarf?Now the wind heavy rain, the temperature is not so low, but already with the use of scarf!

You like to wear a sweater?The canada goose actually has it. There’s always one for you, whether you’re a man or a woman.

The temperature is lower, need the duvet to warm, but do not want to wrap too thick? A variety of down jackets for canada goose for you to choose.

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