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Canada Goose-Highest quality for lowest temperatures

canada goose on sale.Warm, warmer, Canada Goose: For over 60 years, the traditional Canadian brand has been aiming to get people perfectly packaged through the coldest days. To this end, all winter and expedition jackets come with a warm filling of the highest quality goose down, as well as an all-round thoughtful equipment. The result is great clothes to rely on anytime, anywhere-whether as a ranger in the Canadian outback, as an alpinist on the highest peaks on Earth or as a frost bump in the icy metropolitan winter.

Experience Makes the Difference

That Canada Goose comes from one of the coldest countries on earth is no coincidence: The long winters are part of Canadian identity, as are the harsh conditions and vast areas of nature and wilderness.Here you learn early on to arm yourself against the most diverse climatic challenges. One reason Canada Goose not only has the classic down jackets in its range, but also their ultra-light variants and highly technical hardshells.canada goose warm jacket on sale.So it doesn’t matter what adventure is waiting outside for a – Canada Goose offers the perfect clothes and equipment for everyone!

Canada Goose has been developing warm clothing for outdoor adventures since the 1950s. The expedition parka “Big Red ” makes the Canadian down specialist known, famous and appreciated as an outfitter of the Mc Murdo Station in Antarctica.In the 1980s, for example, the down parka managed to move from life-saving equipment for scientists in the polar regions to basic equipment for expeditions around the world.A Canadian’s first successful ascent of Mount Everest in 1982 also succeeds in a custom-made Canada Goose expedition park.

Made in Canada is becoming known and popular

In the 1990s, Dani Reiss, the grandson of then company founder Sam Tick, takes over the fortunes as boss of Canada Goose and works the brand’s growth and global spread.canada goose jacket on sale black friday. “Made in Canada ” becomes a sign of outstanding quality, long tradition and innovative development in the production of high-quality functional textiles and especially in the processing of the best down for the warmest down jackets.

First choice in front of and behind the camera

With members of film crews, Canada Goose has long been an insider’s tip when it came to filming locations in extreme cold.canada goose down jacket on sale. Whether in Canada, Tierra del Fuego, Siberia or in the polar regions – numerous camera crews, actors and crew members have been gearing up for years against the freezing cold in the film shoot with the warm down jackets.

In 2004, Canada Goose not only manages to make a splash behind the camera, but also takes the plunge into Hollywood and gains worldwide acclaim on the big screen. In the movies “The Day After Tomorrow ” and “National Treasure ,” the protagonists protect themselves from the life-threatening cold with Canada Goose down jackets. As a result, the Canadian label is from a specialist for insiders and scene connoisseurs to a well-known supplier for professional expeditions and the round logo with the Antarctic continent becomes an unmistakable sign for the down specialist from Canada. Since then, many companies have been involved in collaborations with Canadians who always remain true to their line: Designing the warmest down jackets for the lowest temperatures.

Canada Goose is new luxury for a new age

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Today’s wealthy consumers want the luxury that is more inclusive rather than exclusive. The Canadian goose can be Premium priced, but it is accessible to those who really need it.

They want the luxury that is self-expressive, and not self-absorbed or narcissistic. They want a democratic luxury, not elitist and reserved for only 1%. CANADA GOOSE Mid-length hooded coat with high neck Blue.And they crave the luxury that is authentic and made for them, not a celebrity.

The classic down jacket models will be timeless: Trillium, Chilliwack, Kensington, Montebello, Chateau, Borden Bomber, and Hybridge jacket, are just the tip of the iceberg. They have also expanded into accessories such as down-filled gloves for men and women and down-filled mitts for men and women. Another huge success was their line of beanies and pilot hats for men and women.

warm jacket 2018

Have you checked the weather forecast?buy cheap canada goose expedition parka women white. Winter is still coming! Looking for a warm jacket wanted.
In addition to Woolrich, Canada Goose’s parkas are considered a classic par excellence. Advantage of the Canadian outdoor brand with the white label on its sleeve: Models such as “trillium” or “Kensington”.
Best winter coats for men 2018:

1. Canada Goose Bromley

Canada Goose Bromley
Canada Goose Bromley
Reasons to buy Built to last,Very warm,Great brand.One of the most popular brands right now is Canada Goose. These jackets are made for extreme weather conditions, and it takes 450 hours to make a single Canada Goose coat.


Reasons to buy Bold desi,Colour options,Detachable hood.It’s packed with lightweight down, which will keep you warm without feeling too bulky. The jacket features a multitude of pockets, detachable twill-lined hood, concealed central zip, high neckline, and elasticated button cuffs.


Reasons to buy Quilted lining,Removable trim,Water-repellent canvas.This long sleeved piece features a multitude of pockets and pointed collar with detachable faux fur trim. Boasting a central concealed zip and button closure.


Reasons to buy Lightweight,Stylish details,Leather trim.This stylish down jacket features subtle details.The Mackage Ozzy is a lightweight hooded jacket with a modern straight silhouette. It uses a super-lightweight nano goose down, and features zip pockets at the front, stretch cotton lining, a train shrub neckline and a metallic central zip.

5.Fjallraven Greenland Winter Jacket

Reasons to buy Teddy lining,Natural look,Water resistant.Der in den 1970er Jahren geborene Mantel wurde vor kurzem mit einer verbesserten Passform und nachhaltigeren Materialien aktualisiert. Das witterungsbeständige Außengewebe, das weiche Teddy-Vlies Futter und die praktischen Details sorgen für eine Winterjacke, die im Wald ebenso zu Hause ist wie in der Stadt.


Reasons to buy Black also available,Practical.It is made from classic Woolrich fabric and features a special Teflon coating that makes the garment rainy, wind and snow-sure. A variety of pockets, burnt buttons, floor sleeves and a Velcro brand clasp make it as practical as it is stylish.

7.RAB Microlight Alpine Jacket

Reasons to buy Lightweight,Stays warm when wet,Versatile.Super-lightweight jacket that’s also warm and comfortable.This lightweight jacket features a mini stitch by sounddamn construction to keep as much heat as possible, and hydrophobic treats so that if you get caught in the rain you stay as dry and warm as possible.


Reasons to buy Affordable,Understated design.This lightweight jacket by Converse features the durable nylon shell and polyester filling. Sure, it’s not the last word in high-tech materials, but it’s an affordable jacket that keeps you warm when it needs to.

9.Musto Siku Parka

Reasons to buy Ultimate warmth.It’s designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, but the understated all-black aesthetic means it can be worn anywhere. Dual-layer Gore-Tex protects you from heavy rain and stays breathable heat with lightweight PrimaLoft Gold.


Reasons to buy  Bold design,Faux shearling lining,Removable hooded neckline.With its dual fabric design, this parka by Kenzo will be the perfect complement to your sporty winter wardrobe. The contrasting hood is cut from faux shearling and Kenzo Paris embroidered detail gives the design character.