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Fashion trends to bring Canada Goose sales soared. Since 2013 since Bain Capital bought its majority stake, Canada Goose began showed more ambition in the overseas market, canada goose outlet online store. From 2001-2013, revenue climbed from 5,000,001 to $ 150 million revenue this year is expected to reach $ 300 million. In September, Canada Goose in the United States set up a business, and the United States also beyond Canada as its largest market.

Canada Goose was still attempting to learn from luxury brand marketing strategy. Its Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Spreekmeester says: “I believe that people always want to know the stories behind the luxury brand, canada goose manitoba jacket, not only do they want to buy an expensive coat is so simple, cheap canada goose outlet. “They started to worry about Canada people outside don’t know the brand,” consumers now care more about the real thing, but on the Canada Goose from the real adventures we have in the past always spoke very little. ”

CEO Dani Reiss to the Canada Goose brand cultural footnote: “luxury is to experience a new life, and to discover the unknown. 58 years, our products can help fight cold, canada goose jacket outlet sale store, represents courage, savagery and independence, also hope to inspire people in the heart of the spirit of adventure. ”

The mass marketing, it focuses on areas where rapid sales growth, canada goose mystique parka women black, including Canada and the United States and the United Kingdom, and France, canada goose jackets discount, sale and Germany, and Norway and Sweden. 70% of the marketing budget for Internet marketing, the rest used for outdoor advertising and print advertising.

“This is not a one-off, but rather the beginning of mass marketing. “Says Kevin Spreekmeester.

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