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The Canada Goose down jacket is the object of all covetousness. It is more and more stolen out of high schools and M6 in even did a story in 66 Minutes last Sunday. Explanations on this new scandal.

The history of the chic jacket Canada Goose is rather peculiar. The basic jacket was created to withstand the cold only the famous jacket in Goose squats now the macadam of the Court of colleges and high schools. It cannot be said that our temperatures are worthy of the cold of the far North yet! If the Canada Goose down jacket is coveted, it is because she is also a trend. We’ll even add that it is the big trend of winter 2013-2014. The street quickly appropriate the Canada Goose jacket. Gold everyone knows the price of the play mode,canada goose sale. It takes no less than € 600 to get the famous hand sewn jacket. This is the reason why mantle padded with goose Canada Goose feathers is increasingly stolen in the vicinity of colleges and high schools in our dear capital. Thieves are ready to do anything to get the famous down jacket to keep it for them or resell it at a discount, inutes on M6 last Sunday.

Canada Goose down jackets in 6 selection of coats / jackets for winter 2013Canada Goose skirts in jacket, for or against? Down jackets Canada Goose, the history of the down jacket stylish canadienneDoudounes Canada Goose in coyote fur,canada goose snow mantra parka black womens, real responsible fur?The staff ‘ meltyFashion wondered if sold at exorbitant prices Canada Goose coat worth its price. But the question that torments us also to know if this is worth the risk of being mugged for a coat (from M6, about 4 Parisian students for a Canada Goose attacks each week!)? Certainly it presents many advantages, but all the same. Go to school fear in the belly, live the trauma of the racket, canada goose women\’s chilliwack bomber jacket for a jacket. Zara, Mango and others proposed coats very trends for winter 2013-20114, and at fair prices. To the wise

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