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A treasure national it is in these terms that Finance Minister Joe Oliver qualified Canada Goose, last week. Nothing less. It must be said that it inaugurated the new headquarters of the company, canada goose jackets sale shop in the presence of a horde of journalists and hundreds of employees. The atmosphere was at the party. Even though the seamstresses, they never really dropped their needles. This not is not every day that can assist in the manufacture of coats high range that many snapping up attempts with more or less success of copy, who invaded the plateaus of filming winter and which were in prime adopted by the greatest adventurers of the planet.

Who would have thought it, anyway? “We started this crazy adventure in 1957,! was pleased to recall Dani Reiss, the current president and grandson of the founder. For more than 50 years, the family business so manufactures coats, in a niche that no one believed promising: the top of range, made in Canada Madam. Where therefore, bucking, it should the bet, be remembered, to keep production, any production, canada goose constable sale,in the country. “Manufactured in the Canada and sold in China!”, said Minister Joe Oliver.Et why hold tenaciously to the local production? It is exactly the same concept with the Swiss watches, resumed the Chair. It can’t be done in China.

It can’t be done in mass production. And obviously, it works. In 10 years, Canada Goose has increased its revenue by not less than 4000%. The new plant has resulted in doubling production. Suddenly, 200 jobs have been created here. And it promises to continue at this rate in the coming years. It must be said that demand is not slowing down. Forget global warming. Today, coats, which are among the hottest in the world, canada goose down jackets sale online ,are sold at not less than 50 countries, from New York to Tokyo, passing through Milan, Stockholm and Paris.the did you know? Of course, the Canada Goose jackets are produced entirely here. And they will remain so, promises the president.

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