Let you sleep to the weighted blanket that wakes up naturally, do you want to come?

What if I have insomnia?

Our life, 1/3 of the time spent in bed. Many successful people know that the secret of success is not just knowing how to work hard, but also knowing how to rest.

During the day, we set ourselves high goals, fill the agenda, and compete for time and effort. At night, we need a good quilt, we can sleep for a few minutes, help us soothe the fatigue of the whole day, and avoid Insomnia, let us sleep to dawn.

You need a professional and comfortable quilt to help you sleep well,
weighted blanket sleep study , get up every day, rejuvenate, work energetically, produce good works with high efficiency, and achieve your career goals faster.

weighted blanket

The world sells for $4.73 million, and the crowdfunding completion rate is as high as 17991%.

Gravity’s “Gravity Blanket” was launched by Kedstarter, the founder of John Fiorentino, and has more than 19,460 supporters since its release. In fact, the company completed a crowdfunding target of $21,500 in just 45 minutes. The current fundraising on Kickstarter has exceeded $4.73 million, and the completion rate has reached a staggering 17991%.

Why is the weighted blanket so god?

Gravity blanket is a popular product in the field of occupational therapy in the United States. The most striking feature is that the blanket simulates the touch of the hug by applying more than 10% of the weight of the human body, thereby reducing stress, relieving anxiety, and significantly improving the patient with insomnia. The depth and quality of sleep.

It sounds like metaphysics, but it is scientifically based. The weighted blanket is a high-density glass particle blanket designed by American scientists based on the core technology of “Neuro-intensity Pressure Stimulation” and based on the “deep-pressure touch stimulation” treatment.

It can stimulate the pressure points on the body, stimulate the relevant pressure points on the body, relax the nervous system, and inhibit the body’s stress hormones. Studies and tests have shown that it helps to increase serotonin and melatonin levels, and can reduce cortisol levels and heart rate, blood pressure, thereby improving the quality of life. Of course, if you are really confident, you feel that you are not worried and not insecure. That blanket can also give you the feeling of “hugging”.

How to choose the weighted blanket that suits your weight?

Things to pay attention to when buying a weighted blanket: When buying a weighted blanket, the most important thing is to pay attention to the fabric of the blanket and the material used to increase the weight in the blanket. First, when it comes to the fabric of the blanket, some gravity blankets are soft. Some use monochromatic tulle. If the child who wants to use the weighted blanket has allergic skin, then the tulle may not be suitable. And the gravity material embedded in the blanket? High quality responsible manufacturer A high white transparent 1 mm glass bead was used as the filling.

The exterior of the blanket is made of luxurious super soft crystal velvet, which is easy to clean. The inner shell of the blanket is made of 100% cotton. It does not produce hair loss or static electricity. The effect of the weighted blanket 2019 is to reduce cortisol levels and enhance serotonin. Generated, thereby reducing heart rate, blood pressure. Gravity is very good, and very breathable, it is also very convenient to clean, user-friendly design, as long as the zipper is pulled out and the inner layer is thrown into the washing machine is OK.

Benefits of using a weighted blanket

So far, there have been many research reports on gravity blankets. The benefits of using gravity blankets are as follows: improving sleep, increasing concentration, reducing self-stimulating behavior, and relaxing anxiety. More and more people are using gravity blankets to alleviate them. Nervous anxiety and improved sleep quality.

Precautions for use:

Weighted blanket should be provided to people and used according to their wishes. Do not cover the user’s face or head with a weighted blanket. If you notice damage, stop using it immediately until repair/replacement is possible.

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